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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Cookie Decoration & Bake Cheese Tarts

I know, I have the Kagoshima Posts and the Infini posts due, but I did some really cute things today that I really wanted to share with everyone!

After a really eventful day (you'll find out why... soon(;), I headed to Tenjin to meet the mum and the bro. While we were there, we saw a cookie decorating class - since it was five, we got to go for that straight away!

So basically, it was 1000 yen for one person, and we got to make two cookies, a bear and a Christmas Tree:

This is the goal

The bro and I were super excited. 

It's basically outlining with not-so-liquid frosting, then filling it with liquid frosting. All you need is patience and it's probably clear that I don't have a steady hand with things like this.

Half-done cookie
The bro was actually way faster than me. Makes me feel like a slow-poke, but the whole experience was very fun! The lady had to dry them periodically, but even at the end, it still needed another five hours to dry! It'll probably be done in an hour or so.

Top is the bro's, bottom is mine. 
 I hear they have classes in Fukuoka Tower, which is actually pretty near my place. Hmmmm.... something for 2016?

After that, we went to get Bake Cheese Tarts! I've actually seen people queueing, but never wanted to join. Then my cousin queued for it in Osaka, and she told my mom it was awesome so my mom wanted to queue. The queue started at the stairway, where you couldn't even see the shop.

Finally though, I got to the shop.

They only allowed one person to buy a maximum of twelve, so my mom said we should get the maximum. Since we were queuing anyway.

Don't the tarts look good??? They smelt awesome too!!

And finally, I got the bag I see everyone carrying around!

And the cheesetarts! They were awesome!! The crust was sweet, and the cheese was extremely light and so more-ish. Totally worth the queue!!

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