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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Graduated from Infini!!

Guess who finally graduated from Infini (over a week ago, that's how fast I blog haha)

I don't know why, but my cert is in English

Anyway, I think a majority of my real life friends/friends on THE OTHER NETWORK don't know that for the past 1 year and 8 months, I've been attending finishing school. My main reason for attending was that I felt like it was high time to improve myself, and since I have dreams of working in Japan, I thought it might be good to polish up my manners.

But to be honest, I learnt a lot more than stuff like makeup and fashion and stuff from this school. I actually chose it cause they seemed well-rounded, and I think I chose well.

For example, in communication class, I learnt that my personal space is much, much smaller than Japanese people, and how to deal with it so both I and the person I'm talking to feels comfortable.

Apart from communication classes, we had speech classes (awesome for my Japanese pronunciation and to make sure I don't talk too much like a guy), tea ceremony experiences, how to look at art lesson, and the usual stuff like how to eat at a formal Western and Japanese meal. And that hospitality is making your guest feel comfortable <- Essence of all the lessons.

The entire purpose of this course is to polish both the exterior and the interior.

Anyway, on to the ceremony. I was supposed to go there with my mom and bro, but the bro wasn't feeling good that day, so it was just my mom and me. When we reached there, I found out that we had arranged seats.

My seat
 And then I was like... I HAVE FLOWERS? (They gave them to everyone)

Including my mom :D 

And this the cert-handing ceremony. Basically, after we all got our certs, we had to make a speech. I can't really remember what I said, because I didn't really prepare ><

The principal and vice principal also made a speech, and basically, they talked about how we have learnt a lot, but we still have to keep learning. A lady, they said, is someone who continually challenges and improved themselves. And more importantly, you do not live for yourself, you live to help others. I thought that was really cool.

And, we got our graduation photos back!!

Graduation photo

I'd compare it with the before photo, but it's embarrassing haha. Let me just reassure you that there really was a big change.

After the ceremony, my mom headed home to make lunch for my bro, and I headed to lunch with everyone (lunch is included in the course). It was good, and I'm hoping that though I've graduated the finishing course, I still can find reasons to go back and continue learning.

Budget permitting, of course.

And I think with this, I've caught up on most of the interesting stuff that happened in the last week or so.


Oh wait, I still have inzemi. Anyone interested in reading about my classes? If not, I could skip it (maybe). After all, my cousins are currently in Japan for a short trip, and I'll be travelling to Kumamoto (again) to show them around. And we're going to Nokonoshima again.

But you know, the beauty of repeated trips is in finding something new each time. (Ok, I'm just like, making excuses for myself. I love those places, so I'll probably re-blog again hahahaha).

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