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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy Boxing Day (Merry Christmas!)

So, Christmas has come and go, and my one and a half week break has finally started! (Finally, I can sleep in!).

Yesterday was Christmas, and I spent the whole day in school. From 10:30 am to 9 pm. Good thing I bought cake.

By the way, this is what my fridge looked like in the morning:

There was no space ><
Anyway, after 産業政策, we had the first cake of the day.

 It was quite funny, because I think more people showed up than usual. Must be the draw of the cake.

After the first cake, I went to prepare for the presentation. I actually had the second cake stashed in my friend's house, so when class started, I was just on the lookout for cake. The cake itself caused quite a commotion, because I only told the third years about it (and I think they didn't really believe me).

Cake number too!

It was kind of funny - my cake cutting skills are terrible. My teacher asked me "why are you cutting the cake horizontally?" (I wanted to separate the two layers).

But we managed to get it into 18 parts, somehow. Thankfully there were two layers.

And it was a good thing we had cake too. Our presentation was quite terrible, so the cake managed to mitigate everything. 

After presentations, it was the end of the school day, and I spent the rest of Christmas in the house, getting ready to sleep.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or at least didn't have it in school), and have a great last few days of 2015!

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