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Monday, 28 December 2015

Kumamoto Weekend Trip Highlights

a.k.a Things I learnt about my cousins.

As you know, my cousins came for a week in December! So, I took them to Kumamoto. The trip was largely like last year's trip with my uncle and aunty, only that we had less time, and hence only went to Aso Farmland and Mount Aso. But, I did learn a few new things, so time for me to share.

1. Capybara are cute. Everyone loves Capybara
Addendum: Capybara (and the other animal which I can't identify) are also smart enough to show you love in exchange for food. No food = no love.

Pretty cousin with cup of food.
 While we were at Aso Farmland's petting zoo, my cousin decided to buy a cup of feed. That was the moment the animals decided we were worthy of their attention. That is how this happened:

And these animals were smart enough to only swarm the person holding the cup (unless you also happen to have food. They love their food.

Also, they're smart enough to plan an escape. Good thing the zookeepers are equally smart, and know how to watch out for them.

And that is how we got a selfie with the capybara

And got the capybara to come close to the camera lens. (Dear Capybara, my camera is not food. Thank you)

2. My cousin is beautiful, but a picture with her in it doesn't get as many likes as a picture of the sunset (sadly).

On the bright side, her fiance loved the photo, so that makes it a win in my eyes.

3. If you're going to Mount Aso, buy the one day bus ticket.

Plus, the ticket also gives you access to the Aso Super Ring. Because if you hit all three stops and the super ring... the bus ticket becomes very worthwhile. And one day tickets are always more convenient, in my opinion. No need to dig around for change. 

And, you can buy this at the counter (next to Aso Station), which further eliminates the need to find change to buy it from the ticket machine. 

This is the ticket. 
Oh, and a quick review of Aso Super Ring - it's basically a short (5 minutes?) projection mapping show of Aso. It introduces the various seasons, and then takes you on a trip into the volcano. And then there's a mini-story at the end (sort of? It introduces a situation, at the very least).

If you can't go to the crater area (and apparently it's currently off limits, because of volcanic activity), then it might be a sort of substitute. But if it wasn't part of the bus pass, I probably wouldn't have gone. Ok, I might have gone once, but not twice (unless I go with someone who wants to go, in which case...)

4. I am never going to get tired of the view. 

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2 (not at Aso yet though):

Exhibit 3:

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