Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Eve

Just wanted to say goodbye to 2015 (I'll say hello tomorrow).

Anyway, the biggest thing that happened to me this year would be that I entered zemi! I've had the introduction zemi classes, but being in an actual class feels totally different. Even though having two zemi is pretty difficult, I'm still glad I chose to do two, especially since my sub-zemi is so awesome. I'm really learning a lot, and I managed to make a lot of friends.

Even if I do feel like I've gone back to AC, with the male:female ratio (actually, I think the ratio here is even worse).

Today has been a pretty quiet day. I was working on my sub-zemi essay, although I managed to go out a little as well. I went to BookOff (because the last shop I visit should be a bookshop), and managed to buy this:

The professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover!! Super excited to play it, though I need to finish the essay first.

Although right now, I'm being very distracted by Kouhaku, as always.