Friday, 15 January 2016

Mochi Ice-Cream!

I don't know if anything heard about this, but in December, Haagen Dazs started selling a limited-edition MOCHI ICE-CREAM. And very annoyingly, it was sold out almost immediately. I haunted the convenience stores for two weeks (until the people told me there was no more stock), and I only managed to buy one.

Oh well, I guess the bright side is that I got to try one, even if it wasn't my number one choice.

Anyway, I got the mitarashi dango + nut (can't remember which) flavour! Mitarashi is the sweet soy sauce. 

looks good!
 And obviously, the ice-cream was good. I love dango, so no surprises there. Oh, and if Haagen Daz decides to sell this for the third time (this is the second time), and you manage to get your hands on it, you should definitely wait a few minutes to let the mochi soften before you eat it. I think I waited about five minutes, and that wasn't enough :p

And although I did not manage to get the other mochi-icecream (which was Kinako and Kuromitsu), I did manage to find a substitute!

 It wasn't a layer of mochi, but rather five mochi balls, but still really good! I love kinako powder hahaha. Totally recommend this, plus it's not as expensive as Haagen Dazs.

I ate these some time back, but I also had ice-cream today. Because evidently, feeling cold is no excuse not to eat ice-cream. Plus, milk tea McFlurry. How can I not try something with that name??

The milk tea flavour was strong, so I totally approve! :D 

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