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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Transcosmos Essay Contest

Hey everyone!! I just came back from Tokyo, where the Transcosmos Project was held. (By the way, thanks for the best wishes +Jim Gorycki !). I'm really, really happy to say that...


It's really a result that we weren't expecting, because the judges seemed quite distracted during our presentation, plus we had to rethink our entire essay in one night. What happened was this (narrated entirely in third person, just because):

Friday, 7:00am 

Eustacia wakes up, thinking that this is going to be a fairly normal day, albeit one with less sleep.


We start the sub-zemi.


The teacher leaves. Our presentation was deemed 'really bad', so we start rethinking the entire thing. Along the way, there's a very, very long digression into the stuff that we should have gotten down in the beginning of the project, because Eustacia accidentally said something that made her teammates think that they weren't on the same page.


Eustacia hears that it's forecasted to snow and takes a break to rush home, get heattech, eat her first meal of the day (she had a headache, so... not much appetite), and then go back.

Looking at the clock.. I took this at either 2:30 or 3:30. Everyone still working hard.
Saturday 6:00am

Eustacia heads for the airport. Everyone boards the plane for Haneda, and Eustacia... you know what, third person is feeling more and more awkward. Back to first. So basically, I was really tired but I wanted some juice, so I'm not actually sure if I slept. I remember getting the juice, and I remember closing my eyes, but I also remember the sun being irritating so...

I may or may not have slept.

I did see the Hello Kitty Airplane though


The competition starts.

Transcosmos headquarters
We were actually the last group to present, and as you can guess, that made us really, really nervous. And since I was the one taking photos, I had to let go of the camera for once. Our topic was on "The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing", and our title turned out to be "Digital Marketing and Disintermediation in the age of the IoT: What should Amazon do?"

And against the odds...


I don't think I'll get tired of saying that, because we really, really didn't expect to win anything. Our presentation was pretty far from the topic after all.

After the competition, we went to a restaurant for dinner and small talk (which was really interesting), and after that, my zemi had our own party. I checked in to the hotel around 11:30, and pretty much hit the hay right after I took a bath and dried my hair. 

Apart from that... I didn't really do much in Tokyo. I did go to Magnolia bakery today, before I went on the plane, but I'm still photographing/eating the food, so that will be a post for later.

By the way, can you believe today is the last day of January?!?!!?

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