Sunday, 17 January 2016

Vote for me, please?

Hey everyone!! I don't think I've ever done this, but I have a huge, huge favour to ask of you.


Ok, backstory first. Last year, I took a big leap of faith and published my first book (I just told my mom, so I'm like, yay, I can tell everyone now!). The novella (30,000ish words, so it's a quick read) is called The Nutcracker King.

cover done by my über talented bestie
What if there was no ‘Happily Ever After’? 

It has been eight years since the defeat of the Mouse King. Marie has never told the Nutcracker she loves him, and he has never broken the curse. Instead, Marie dances her nights away at Marzipan castle every night, while the Nutcracker tries to break the curse. Desperate, he uncovers a dark secret about his kingdom, and decides to use the knowledge to reverse the curse. In the end, who will get their happily ever after - Marie or the Nutcracker?

This story is a roughly 30,000 word novella.
My novella is available on:

Amazon (link leads to the .com site)
Page Foundry
Tolino (Can't find the link, sorry)

But if you're willing to give me an honest review, I'm willing to give you a free copy. Just drop me a message.

Actual Request

Ok, so now that you know the backstory, you know that I like to write. So, I entered a publishing contest, run by the OnlineBookClub!

Basically, this contest is based on votes, and the winner (the one with the most votes)
"wins a publishing deal from worth thousands of dollars!  
 The winner will also get an advance. will cover all the costs of publishing including editing and digital services. Additionally, will invest thousands of dollars worth of advertising into the published book."
The first place entry currently has over a hundred votes (compared to my 8), but there's still about three more months.  I mean, it would be awesome if I won, but to be honest, my current goal is to get onto the top 10 list. And the current 10 has 19 votes, so if I get about 20 soon, I can probably make it on there. So if you're a member, or if you're willing to be a member, please vote for me! You can find the link to my entry here, and I'll repeat again later, and make it super obvious haha.

My entry would be my NaNoWriMo 2015 project - Heart-Less (back then, I called it Free of Heart). If you want to read the entire raw first draft, you can find it here, on WriteOn, and I'll be taking it out of 'shy mode' for the whole competition so that you can check it out.

My pitch, since the one in the photo is tiny, is:

Heartless, foreign Ada is finally getting used to life in Sakoku. Too bad the wizard Pendragon has other plans. But no matter what he throws at her - magic lessons, council membership, she can handle it.  
Her only goal: Keep the truth a secret.

If you have a membership to the OnlineBookClub and are willing to vote for me, or if you're just willing to create a membership and vote for me, you can find the link to my entry here (haha, just bolding and making all the links extra large. If it's annoying, let me know and I'll stop).

Ok, self-promotion over! I hope you'll consider voting for me, and if you want a review copy of The Nutcracker King (please post your review to at least one of the review sites, like Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo, etc when you're done, though there's no rush), let me know too!
P.s. If you are entering that contest, do let me know :D I'll help vote!

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