Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bake Chocolate Cheese Tart (aka Eustacia spends a long time queueing for food)

Hey everyone! It's the seventh day of Chinese New Year, so it's everyone's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE :D

Oh, and it's valentine's day too.

Anyway, I had a make-up cooking class at 10am today, so I decided, why not go to Tenjin a little earlier and queue for the BAKE Chocolate Cheese Tarts? They're a 7-day limited edition cheese tart, and I really wanted to try one. The regular ones are already amazing, and well, these seem very popular. I walked passed around noon yesterday and they were already sold out (the shop opens at 9am). So I asked a shop assistant who was directing traffic, and she told me that there were people coming at 5am to queue up.

No way am I going to wake up that early and stand in the cold. Not even for something as amazing as that.

But, I did wake up at 7am so that I could read Tenjin at 8am and queue up. I figured that going one hour before opening would give me a nice enough spot in the queue that I could buy my chocolate cheese tarts by 10am.

When I arrived there, this is what I saw:

The queue actually snaked all the way to the ground level! (The floor is in the underground shopping street). And for some reason, the temperature dipped after two glorious days of good weather. But, I had my coat, my scarf and my iPad, so I managed to finish a book while waiting.

At about 8:54, one of the shop assistants came and I placed an order for 6 chocolate cheese tarts. So my queueing up and waking early was not in vain. Oh, and 6 was the maximum you could buy - I mean, if I'm going to queue, I might as well buy as much as possible, right?

At around 9:40, I started getting worried, because I was only here and there was no way I could get to class on time. But, there was also no way I could leave the queue, especially with the end in sight! I mean, that cordoned off line connects to the line in front of the shop. I WAS SO CLOSE.

At about 10am, I made my way in front of the shop, and about 15 minutes later, managed to snap this picture. MY CHOCOLATE CHEESE TARTS.

Of course, I couldn't celebrate very much, because after I bought them, I had to rush off to cooking class. We made lunch, and it was really good too

Pork pan-fried with ginger sauce, pumpkin salad and miso soup
Finally though, I got home and had enough space in my stomach to finally open the chocolate cheese tarts and try one.

But first, isn't their special box pretty???
 Open it up and...


Here's a close-up:

By the way, these were fantastic, as expected. They aren't cloyingly heavy, but rather more-ish. It's really good and I was like "I can probably polish off the whole box at one go... but I shouldn't."

In the end, though, I queued for two and a half hours for this, and while it was worth it (because you should definitely try this), I don't know if I'll be willing to repeat this again. I mean, I will for a new flavour I want, but for the same flavour? Hmm....

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