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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Salon du Chocolat

When my exams ended yesterday, I immediately went to Iwataya's Salon du Chocolat, a chocolate fair that's lasts until Sunday, Feb 14. I was actually going to go with a friend, but she had to prepare for some job-hunting event at the last minute, so I ended up going along. ( +Béné no Fukuoka !  have you been? If you like chocolate, you might want to go!)

By the way, I went straight from school, so only phone photos, sorry ><

Anyway, the whole place was super crowded with pretty, fancy, and probably super expensive chocolate stores.

It would be so easy to get overwhelmed, and just leave without checking out anything. But, I (very luckily) checked out the official website beforehand, so I had a very singleminded purpose. I was going to go to this chocolate fair and eat



Ok, it's not the traditional pizza. It's a chocolate + Amaou strawberries + toasted marshmallow pizza from Max Brenner. I actually had no idea this was a famous shop, but my cousin recognised the name immediately even though I didn't have the full name shown, and someone else told me that the chocolate fondue is really good.

But I was there for the pizza, so I was going to get pizza.

This is the picture my cousin saw when she guessed the shop name.
There are only 200 pizza + drink sets available per day, and the drink is normally tea or coffee. But I figured that since this was a chocolate fair, I was just going to top up 200 yen and get the chocolate drink. The total was 1200 yen, which was expensive to me, but I figured that since the exams were over, I had an excuse to pig out on chocolate.

The pizza was amazing! The strawberries really worked with the chocolate, to help make it less rich, so it was just right for me. And I love the toasted marshmallows. They weren't too toasted or too underdone and every bite was pure sweet goodness.

The chocolate drink was like drinking liquid chocolate, which would be good under normal circumstances, but not when you're already eating an extremely rich chocolate pizza. I did enjoy it though, I was just afraid I was going to lose my voice from all the heatiness.

One last shot of the shop
 After I had my pizza, I just walked around a little more and left. The way I see it, there were two possibilities: I buy everything, or I buy nothing. Since I'm running low on funds (plus, I wanted to go check out the sale on foreign books, and book money > chocolate money in terms of priorities), I opted for the buy nothing route.

And on a completely unrelated note, my tea from ANA arrived yesterday! Actually, I totally forgot to buy it while I was on the flight, and asked a classmate to help me buy. Turns out it was out of stock, so he helped me order it. If I was up to me, I probably would have been all "forget it", but now that it's here, I'm just so happy because it's so pretty! And the flavours seem really good!!

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