Friday, 11 March 2016

Cinnamoroll Popup Cafe

Yesterday, I met up with Yiyin, after a really really long time. I'm not even sure if we met last year, despite the frequency we met during our first year. Anyway, since we were at Tenjin, we decided to have dinner there. Due to our complete inability to decide, we walked around and ended up here:

A Cinnamoroll Popup store!!! Since it's only open till the 14th of this month, we decided to eat here. I mean, look how cute it is!

The system worked like this. First, you queue. Then, they take your order. Only after that do they let you into the shop, and serve you the food. Once the first dish arrives at your table, they give you an hour to finish. Oh, and they serve the dessert and the main meal at the same time.

When we went in, the shop assistant offered to help us take a photo. Obviously, I had to wear the hat. Almost at the same time, Yiyin refused her hat.

And now, what everyone has been waiting for - FOOD PICTURES!

First, the coffee latte:

Verdict: Cute, but the taste is "too normal"

The next thing to come was the dessert table. Looks adorable, right? The fluffy thing is cotton candy! I managed to resist eating until after my main dish.

The top was macarons - they were sweet, and a little nutty to me, but way too dry. Even the filling was dry. It was more like meringue, really.

And the bottom half: cupcakes, fruit and cotton candy. Nothing out of the ordinary.

 Oh yes, and I took the chance to take pictures of the shop interior.

And another look, with really cute ceiling decorations:

I was taking more photos while chatting with Yiyin (who says I can't multi-task?), but then our food arrived!

This is my cream pasta. For some reason, I couldn't really taste the cream. I'm not sure if there was even cream. But at least my vegetables were cooked because...

This is Yiyin's Beef Stew, and her vegetables weren't cooked. Not even the cauliflower. It looked really adorable, but it was kinda sad that there was only two slices of bread and no rice at all. She ended up leaving most of the vegetables uneaten.

Overall, the food was really, really adorable, but it failed on taste. I think the Moomin Cafe at Canal City is way better. The food may not be as cute (unless you get the Hayashi Rice or the desserts), but the shop decoration is on part, and the food is delicious. Plus that bread buffet. That awesome bread buffet.

But, I have no regrets eating here. I mean, if I didn't, I probably would have regretted it. It did look delicious after all.

I'm cute, EAT ME.

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