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Monday, 7 March 2016

First Icing Cookie Lesson!!

Last December, when my mom and bro was here, we chanced upon an icing cookie trial lesson thing in North Tenjin and iced SANTA BEAR AND CHRISTMAS TREE COOKIES. It was pretty fun, and since they have a classroom near my place (near = about 20 minutes walk), I decided to go for a lesson during the spring break.

After putting it off for the remainder of the term, I finally made an appointment and went for a class yesterday! The weather was awesome too (dare I hope that we're finally in that tiny window of perfect weather?) and I had a good walk to the tower.

When I got to the class and saw the cookies, I was... WOAH. The teacher is way talented. I want to be as good as her someday (although this is a pipe dream). Check out her designs:

Adorable kimono!!

The teacher actually made the mold for the ribbon by herself!!

I'm super in love with the flowers on the heart! 
After going gaga over the cookies, the lesson started! I decided to pay extra to learn how to build the cookies from scratch, and it was totally worth it. I didn't know that when you make cookies, you're not supposed to use your hands, to avoid melting the butter. Shows you how much of a baking noob I am.

After the cookies, two more students joined us, and we started the icing part of the lesson. Unlike the trial lesson, we were pretty much given carte blanche to decorate the cookies. If we needed help with a technique, we could ask the teacher (and she basically demonstrated the basics first), but other than that, it was very "here's a blank cookie canvas, do as you will"


I'm actually quite happy with all of them, and the balloon looks cute (I think?). But that's because I modelled it after the teachers. Ok, other things I was secretly happy about:

The colour blending of the dress. Even though for some reason, none of the photos I take can get a clear picture. But I was like YAY TWO COLOUR BLENDS.

And the hearts on the heart:

I actually saw it in a video on Facebook, and was after being taught how to create dots, decided to use that and try. My teacher was happy, I think?

And speaking of the teacher, she was the same lady as the trial lesson teacher, and she remembered me! Well, she remembered my brother and my mom, mostly because I had to translate everything. So yeah, she remembered me XD

And since we couldn't finish decorating all the cookies in time, so like the internet lesson plan said, I got to bring the icing and the leftover cookies home!! I sort of ran out of patterns, but these are the better looking ones. I TRIED THE MG BEAR! Unfortunately, I'm not very good at drawing. Or art in general.

Anyway, yeah, so that was my first lesson. I totally want to go and take more and become better, but I have job hunting stuff, and I need to save my money.

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