Thursday, 3 March 2016

Year 3 Roundup

I just realised that I received the last of my results for the semester, and I thought it was high time that I looked back on this school year and thought about how it went.

After a very relaxing second year, where I probably didn't take as many classes as I should, the first semester of my third year was a huge wake up call. I failed my first class, and then I realised that I didn't have as many credits as I needed. I mean, I had a lot, but quite a few of them were unusable. More than quite a few.

So, this semester felt a little like my first year. I decided not to take the Italian II that I wanted, and I even took a first period class, which was possibly the hardest ever.

And now my round up feels so boring. Ok, let me just focus on the results that made me the happiest. Basically, I have this class taught by my sub-zemi teacher called 産業政策 (industrial policy). It's very much about the economics of the telecom industry, and despite the fact that we're allowed to bring the textbook in (and that we have about 30% attendance, provided we attend everything), it's considered one of the hardest classes.

So it's the day of the exam. Everyone is being all anxious and everything. And because of some weird reason, I forgot my dictionary, which I had to email the teacher permission to get. So the exam comes, and the first question is tough. The second question is a math question, and guess what? I wasn't prepared for it. And the last question was on the special lectures, which I thankfully remembered (it helps that I ended up hearing the lectures twice, thanks to my zemi).

When the results came back, I found out that.... I GOT AN A. An A! I was truly surprised, because even though I solved all the questions, even the math one, I didn't expect to get an A. I was actually aiming for a D.

That was the highpoint of getting my results back. And of course, I managed to pass all my other classes, so I need about, I think 3 more classes, and I'll have fulfilled my graduation requirements. I think. I need to check with my friends, because I'm terrible at calculating stuff like this.

And to end, a random photo:

Have a placid picture of... a volcano?

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