Saturday, 16 April 2016

Earthquake in Kumamoto

Yesterday (or was it two days ago?) a huge earthquake struck Kumamoto. At the time of the earthquake, I was talking to my cousin and didn't think much about it. I mean, my house rocked, which was a first for Kyushu, but this was fairly common in Tokyo.

Then I went on Twitter and realised how serious it was:

From the Line Live Tweet
Soon after that, messages started coming from friends in the Kanto region and family in Singapore, and then my sleepless night started.

The aftershocks are supposed to continue for a week, and a particularly strong one last night was actually another earthquake! I really, really don't like the aftershocks. There was one that a friend in Nagasaki and I felt AT THE SAME TIME. And the one I felt immediately after waking up today.

Nope, I do not like aftershocks.

alert that came one hour ago
Fukuoka is fairly far from the epicentre, but the shocks can be felt here too. Considering how rarely we have earthquakes here, I think a lot of people are panicking.

Or at least, I'm panicking. If I repeat stuff, yeah, you know why.

My family even asked if I want to go home, though I'm luckily still not in the immediate danger zone, but I do have job hunting events and classes, so even though I want to,  I can't.

Wait, why did I start this post? I know I wanted to write something, but nothing is useful so far. Well, I'm alive and unharmed so far, so yay for that. With any luck, the earthquakes will stop, and we can start rebuilding. I should probably search for ways to help Kumamoto too.

Oh, and my emergency bag is ready.

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