Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sakura 2016: Around the Neighbourhood

Alright, I'm finally here with the last sakura post of the year. Long after the sakura have fallen. Anyway, the last place that I went to this year was... my neighbourhood XD I did this two years ago too, so I'll try not to post the same type of photos.

First up, the sakura near the post office! I don't know why, but sakura + post office = Japan to me. At least, this is one of the mental formulas I hold in my mind.

And after that, I decided to try and get a few close-up shots. I'm not sure if it's something wrong with my settings or my camera (it's probably my settings), but in a lot of my photos, the edges were extremely soft. So these are the better ones.

 - insert witty/entertaining comment, if I had one -

This was one of the blurry-but-not-that-blurry one.

And another one:

You know, I didn't notice that the last photo was so dark when I was editing it. I wonder what I was thinking at that time.

After I was done at the post office, I made my way to the park near the Muromi river.

Pretty sure that I took the same photo last time, but I can't help it!
And for some reason, this sakura petal fell so perfectly onto the blade of grass. I don't even know how that happens.

Last few photos would be at the path leading to the shrine. The sakura petals were falling like rain that day, but I couldn't really get a good shot.

But here's a picture of a cat. That ran away once I took the shot. 
 I guess this was the best shot that I could get of the falling sakura:

And for some reason, clumps of sakura dotted the handrails:

That's about all that I have for this year. Not that many photos, but I hope you enjoyed them! You can find the previous photos here.

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