Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sakura 2016: Fukuoka Castle

Hey everyone! So last week, when the sakura were in full bloom, I headed out to Fukuoka Castle to get some pictures! Unfortunately, most of them were rather blurry (shows you how lousy I am as a photographer), but I do hope you enjoy these not-so-terrible ones.

I basically walked in from Akasaka station, so these are the pictures just outside the castle.

And a not-so-close-up shot:

To get to the castle, I had to cross a bridge. That's when I saw this:

And for a picture that includes the river:

There was actually a sort of carnival going on, but though the food tempted me, the crowds put me off. So, I pressed on for the sakura!

Spotted these cute hand-drawn lanterns as well! Unfortunately, they didn't light up very well at night. I think the paper was too thick.

If only this castle wasn't a ruin! I think the sakura here are much more impressive than at Kumamoto, but Kumamoto castle has actually been rebuilt so...

Same location, different view:

I mean, I just love walking underneath the sakura trees! It's really beautiful!

Also, I just realised that the pictures taken with my phone might actually better, so to reiterate:

BEAUTIFUL! Although the picture in my phone was much brighter
And I managed to get a close-up of one sakura

And this is the view from the highest point:

The only bad thing was, when I wanted to take the night view, I couldn't get to the front! People in front weren't letting others take turns! I had to ask :p And as I was leaving, I heard two girls complain about it too.

Oh, and these bamboo were all over the place. Really pretty!

And this was the entrance to the paid area. Obviously, I paid to go in, because I wanted to go to the highest point. The view was well worth it, I feel.

And there you have it - the sakura at Fukuoka castle for 2016! I have one more set of photos, then we'll be done for the season.

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