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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare (Movie Review + the Singapore Connection)

After missing one movie, I finally went to see the latest Detective Conan movie. To be honest, I only went to see it because the Black Organisation was on the poster. Kinda like why I watched Dimensional Sniper two years ago.

Anyway, I LOVED this movie. It was what the poster (I didn't watch the trailer beforehand) and more.

The movie basically opens with a car chase of a Black Organisation member, Amuro and Akai. So... two of the three are characters that I like. That's definitely a good start. Anyway, the car chase ends with a bang, and the Black Organisation lady escapes. The only thing is... when Conan and friends go to Touto Aquarium the next day, they run across the woman. The thing is, she's lost all her memories.

Of course, Conan and Haibara don't know who she is, so they spent the first half of the movie trying to help her. The later half is what happens when the Black Organisation, the Japanese Police, the FBI and all the other characters that I love get involved.

Don't worry, I'll stop my summary here so that I won't give anymore spoilers. But let's just say that I absolutely adored the ending, even though it broke my heart at the same time. I was really hoping for a certain character to become a permanent part of the cast, but it wasn't to be.

Oh, and the last time I wrote about Conan, I mentioned that he has basically become a death-defying superhero. In this movie, everyone is a superhero. Short of being shot by a gun, people don't actually die (Ok, there was one non-gun death in the movie). The opening scene had a random car being thrown in the air, come crashing down onto a truck, yet the drivers and passengers managed to somehow leave the car in one piece. So if you're ever caught in the world of Detective Conan, you don't have to worry. Short of somehow being involved with the Black Organisation (or becoming part of the plot), the odds of you dying as a result of Conan and friends are very, very low.

Oh, and when I went into the theatre, I was handed this:

Since this is the 20th movie, they're giving out "thank you" cards that come with a code for one free movie (available for 48 hours). The code's valid until sometime in July.

All in all, this is a must watch for Conan fans. It's seriously fantastic.

Oh, and THE SINGAPORE CONNECTION. Can you imagine my surprise when the end credits arrive and I see multiple shots of Gardens by the Bay, the Sky Trees, Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer? I immediately when to google this, and it seems like Touto aquarium is based on Odaiba and the Marina Bay Sands area of Singapore.

Looks like the Singapore Tourism Board got some more free advertising.

But seriously, good job, Little Red Dot. It was a pleasant surprise to see the pictures of home.

The trailer:

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