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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Detective Conan Popup Store + Stamp Rally

Guess what I did today? Well, you all probably read the title so.... DETECTIVE CONAN! I remembered that the pop up store/stamp rally was until tomorrow, so I figured that I better go there ASAP.

Yay for stores!! And they had a huge poster of the movie (unsurprisingly)

So my main purpose of the day was to take part in the stamp rally. There were basically two versions: an easier one which was literally a stamp rally, and a harder one that involves solving riddles. Since participation is free, I decided to just do both.

So the harder one (in red) went like this:

First, we had to go to the lowest floor to solve five riddles and find five locations where the next clue was being held:

The first two were easy, the third took me a little longer and the fourth and fifth.... completely stumped me. But there was a sort of clue for the fourth, so I wasn't worried about it. It just required legwork. The fifth though... It didn't make any sense to me AT ALL. Give it a go:

In the end, I called in the big guns and got my friends to help. So... everything was "solved" in its own fashion. So once I solved the puzzles and found out the locations, I had to hunt for a board like this:

Yes, this is half a letter. Four out of five of the clues were half letters, so after we found the half, we had to create the whole letter with a mirror (or...not). And those letters were a code, which we had to crack to get the final keyword.

The other rally was way easier. It's basically going around and finding cute little stations like this:

Once I found it, I had to stamp it. Pretty easy. The hardest one to find was Genta-kun, because... I sort of didn't understand the map. But I eventually found it, which would make this the rally that I finished first.

And since I finished both, I managed to get two prizes - one file, and some stickers. They're going to my little bro, the other Detective Conan fan in the family. 

And since I had to claim the prizes at the shop, I decided to look around and ended up getting more tea!!

Apparently, the colour trick tea consists of tea that will change colour when you put lemon juice in it! Kinda like "The Tense Tea Party" episode of Detective Conan!

More pictures of the shop:

Even Kaito Kid made an appearance :D

On the way home, I passed by Tenjin, because I heard that a famous wagashi shop from Kitakyushu had a pop up shop! It's called Nagoshi, and their matcha daifuku is apparently really famous.

Found it! 
 I ended up getting three flavours: Matcha, Banana chocolate, and Chocolate pudding.

I'm not very good at taking photos on my phone haha. The photo quality today isn't so good. Sorry >< I'll do better next time!

A closeup of the banana - apparently it's a new flavour. I was super torn between the two (this and chocolate pudding), so I got both hahaha. The banana filling wasn't the best though. Tasted kind of artificial. But the chocolate surrounding it and the mochi was super good!

The chocolate pudding was really just cream and custard. But I liked it best because the flavours were really balanced!!

And this is the matcha picture. The matcha taste is super strong, because of all the matcha powder. And the adzuki filling balances out the bitter tea, so it's also just right. I see why the matcha daifuku is so famous now! I'm actually really tempted to go back and buy more (it's until the 30th, if I remember correctly), but I shall resist!)

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