Thursday, 26 May 2016

Now in Japan: Hatching Chickens without the Eggshell

This isn't what I normally blog about, but this is too cool NOT to share. First, take a look at a screenshot of a paper:

In plain English: they found a way to incubate baby chicks without the need of an eggshell. But what I thought was extremely cool was the fact that one of the teachers is from Oihama High School, not a university or research lab. (By the way, you can read the paper at this link)

And since it's from a high school, students have got to be involved... right?


This video shows the biology club fertilising and incubating the eggs, plus a video of a baby chick that made it all the way. The show (ガッテン; Gatten) was featuring an episode about eggs, but the relevant section is from the 26th minute. Hopefully I managed to share it properly:

Remember, the clip starts from the 26th minute!

And sadly, there are no English subtitles. But luckily, you don't really need them (I think). I mean, I watched it once without any audio :p

I find it really cool that high school students are doing this sort of stuff. Even if their teacher took the lead in the research, them participating is really cool. I hope it leads to some of them going into science XD

And that's all. I just wanted to share about eggs haha.

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