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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Secret Witches Exhibition @ Fukuoka Museum

I went to the Secret Witches Exhibition, and it was really fascinating. I've been wanting to go since I heard about it because:

- lots of exhibits on loan from overseas
- more knowledge is never bad
- you never know when your next inspiration is coming from

So I coughed up the 900 yen fee for university students, declined the audio guide (which in retrospect probably wasn't the best idea, but I didn't want to spend an extra 500 yen) and went in.

My ticket's on the left!
And this was one of the strictest exhibition's that I've been too! Basically, not were we not allowed to take photos, we weren't even allowed to use our phone! I got stopped from messaging my cousin...

On the bright side, they did give me paper so I could take notes. And a pencil, because mechanical pencils are also banned.

The exhibition itself was very well-done. The room itself was decorated to fit the theme, and the exhibits seemed at home.

And all the staff were wearing witches' hats. I thought that was a cute touch.

But because it's Saturday, there was a ton of people there, so in the end, it felt like I was slowly shuffling in a queue. (Although I spent so much time taking notes I'm probably guilty of holding up the queue quite a few times as well)

At the last area, where we could finally take photos! But I went alone so I just took photos of the sets.


And the second. 

Oh, and this was at the ground floor:

You could wear a cape and pretend to ride a broom. They also had a Popup store to sell things, like books, merchandise, actual occult items, and oddly... Apple butter.

I'm not sure how the last one fits into the whole thing. Maybe because it's from overseas?

Not to mention cookies and... curry? How is curry related to any of this?
And on the way back, I saw tons of people digging for clams!!

This had absolutely nothing to do with the exhibition. I just wanted to put it up.

By the way, is anyone interested in reading my scribbled notes? I mean, I wrote stuff down cause it's interesting, but I just typed it out, and it's not coherent. Just a bunch of weird facts. But you know me, I aim to please, so...

(Anyway, just to assure you that I'm trying my best to post more regularly: I have a baking class tomorrow, so I'll post about that, and I may or may not post about my laziness. I haven't decided if it should go here or the other blog. Feel free to ignore my thinking out loud)

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