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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ice Cream that Tastes Like Chips?!

So, I haven't really been living an interesting life lately. It's been school and home and school and home and so on. I'm really looking forward to next week though.

Anyway, I ate the weirdest ice-cream flavour EVER (at least, to date) and wanted to share it with you. Like the title says, the flavour was: chips. Or rather, a snack that tasted like salted potato chips. But I guess it's actually more like those goldfish crackers?

There it is, looking all innocent
I was actually pretty sceptical of how salty it could taste, because this is ice-cream after all. I really shouldn't be doubting the Japanese ice-cream makers. This tasted exactly like chips. It was uncanny. It was cold and smooth, but my tastebuds were telling me that this was salty and potato-chips like.

It was interesting, for sure, but I don't think I'll eat this a second time. I like my ice-cream sweet (or sour), not salty. Well, salty-sweet is fine, but this was not sweet enough.

Oh, and for all of you in Fukuoka: the Calbee+ shop at Hakata is now selling Mentaiko chips!!

If you want some awesome mentaiko chips, you better head down there soon. The signboard said that this was a seasonal item.

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