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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Last Visit To Underwater World

Second post in as many days! Ok, I think I shouldn't be sharing about the wedding, because while I took part in it, it isn't really mine to share. So I'll just talk about what I managed to do in Singapore. One of the things (and was on my MUST DO list) was... visit Underwater World for the very last time!

And, I got to meet two awesome Dayre people for the first time, so it was an extra-awesome day for me!

Anyway, if you're not Singaporean, you may not have heard of Underwater World in Sentosa. It's basically this aquarium, and it's really famous for having a tunnel through a huge tank with a conveyer belt that you can stand on. So basically, you can move without moving (ultimate experience for lazy people!). It's also the place where my computer club had their overnight camp, sometime in primary school. So I have tons of fond memories of the place, even though I haven't been there in years.

Due to an expiring lease (and increased competition from SEA Aquarium), Underwater World will close in four days. And to end in style, they lowered the price from twenty-odd dollars to nine dollars, which was the price when they opened in 1991.

By the way, there are giant turtles outside the place. And I meant GIANT. 
Unfortunately, it seemed like the whole of Singapore decided to make one last visit as well, so the place was super crowded. We queued for twenty minutes before managing to get our tickets!

First stop, the touch pool, which I also have very fond memories of. And there are more things than the SEA Aquarium touch pool (just saying). Although... it seems to have fewer starfish and stuff now? The stingrays felt really smooth though!

My lovely companions for the day :D A photo-ception!
 And I really like this picture because there's only one crab in it.

But, the crab... doesn't look so happy to see us.

And then it was finally time for the tunnel!!! This is probably what I was looking forward to the MOST.

What I like is that you can see quite a few sea creatures resting on the tunnel.

Like this um... this is stingray too, right? I suddenly forgot the name O.O

Ok, I know this isn't really his face but, it really does look like a face.

And yes, everything is tired/lazy. Look at all these sharks (I think?!) just lying there.

And just to let you see how the tunnel snakes around the place:

Ok, I realise this post is like 90% tunnel, but that's because the tunnel really was the best part! Plus, the rest of the aquarium was just way too crowded. I did hear of one friend who went immediately when she heard it was closing, and she said it wasn't crowded, so I guess I was a little slow. Although I really couldn't have visited earlier :p 

1 Big announcement
1 post about the NLB exhibitions I went (though they were kinda tiny)
1 friend coming (though I'm not sure if there will be anything new to post, because you've all seen me guide people around Fukuoka before).

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