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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Exam Period Has Started

So, exams started today. This means that I'll probably be cutting down on the blogging (besides, I don't think people want to read about me studying :p). I do, however, have this nagging feeling that there were certain topics that I wanted to blog about, but have forgotten, so if I remember what they are, I'll probably pop up and write a post or something.

(PSA over, you can go click away now)

And if anyone's interested, today's exam was on 産業技術 (sangyougijutsu), or in English: Industrial Technology. It's basically on how the development of technology has impacted the way things are made and the way people work.

We were allowed to bring our notes in, but we were all not expecting the questions that we got. Somehow, everyone was under the impression that the questions didn't change much for the previous years, so we prepared for that (which, to be honest, is basically preparing according to the different chapters/topics). But, the questions were extremely creative, with one on robotic pets, and one on Industrie 4.0

No prizes if you guess what question I answered.

I'm pretty worried, though, because the question was on refuting the Nth Industrial Revolution theory, but I ended up writing an essay on what Industrie 4.0 was, and why I didn't think it should be considered the fourth industrial revolution. One of my friends says it's pretty off, so I'm really just hoping that I get a passing grade (and because I really couldn't do any of the other questions).

Short update, but I will be back soon! (hopefully)

Oh and by the way, I made a tart and some cookies in baking class on Sunday:

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