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Monday, 11 July 2016

Tanabata 2016

I don't really talk about Tanabata here, because it's not a very big festival, but I did go and see the illumination at Fukuoka Tower, so I wanted to share that!

But first, the Tanabata-themed wagashi that I bought:

Cute, but extremely sweet. I'm not done with it yet ><
 I did here that there was a mini "matsuri" at Fukuoka tower, but it's just some food stalls and two game stalls. Oh, and a band. Since I ate before I left, I didn't bother getting anything.

Instead, I went to the beach just behind the tower to look at the sunset.

The sky quickly changed to a lovely orange:

I walked back, saw the reflection of the clouds in the tower, and rushed back to the beach.

It was even more stunning in person, but I didn't think I could edit this picture and do it justice, so here it is, as it is.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all more interested in the photos of the tower. First, there was the regular "bridge of stars" thing:

To be honest, the bridge couldn't be seen until it got really dark. When it first lighted up, it was unimpressive. But once the sun had fully set, it was beautiful.

Then there was the special Tanabata heart one:

This was actually part of a illumination show thing, and I managed to record parts of it (my camera turned itself off after a while, I have no idea why :p) Hope you enjoy watching cupid though(:

And that was my Tanabata. It wasn't terribly exciting, but I wanted to share these photos with all of you(:

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