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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

大濠公園花火大会2016 (Ohorikoen Fireworks 2016)

Yesterday, I had my second exam. And since I couldn't study for very long after that, I decided to go take a look at the Ohori Park Fireworks. Unlike last year, I went alone. (I also think that my photos last year were nicer haha).

Anyway, the park was crowded:

I don't know why I'm always surprised. 
 Luckily I managed to find a spot, though I had to stand. The view wasn't too bad though. It was a bit like this:

Basically, I was right next to the playground

To be honest, I much prefer going with friends. It's way more fun, and even though the fireworks are beautiful no matter how many people you go with, it's way too crowded to be going alone.

Also, I heard tons of rumours about how there were so many pikachu in the park, but... I didn't catch one. I couldn't even open the app, possibly because there were too many users.

So I left after about half an hour. With much less photos than last year.

I don't have any gifs either, but I did take a few videos!

One of them is supposed to be in slow motion, but I have no idea if the upload was that way or not. Either way, yay, fireworks :D

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