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Friday, 12 August 2016

Huis ten Bosch Summer Edition (Part 1): Water Park on the Sea

I went to Huis ten Bosch yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. It was also a lot of photos (ok, that didn't make sense), so I'm splitting my trip into two parts. Today, I'm going to share about the water park on the ocean, a summer event going on till early September.

At first, I thought I'd visit the store in the evening, but it was so hot that I decided to go in straight away. And it was a good thing I decided to do so, because I found out that you need to buy the tickets in advance! The queue was insane:

There were several people who gave up, especially after they found out that the only available slot was the last slot, from 5:30pm tp 7:00pm.

After queuing (and sweating) for a long time, I managed to get my wristband.

I killed some time, and then it was finally TIME TO ENTER! I was soooo excited. I mean, take a look:

All the panoramas looked as though they were fisheye photos though. But I did take a few, so I'll just post all of them, and hopefully you can get a sense of what it was like.

Oh yeah, and obviously I took all these beforehand. I had to keep everything in a locker before I went in, and you can bet that there is no way that I'll bring in electronic devices. I did see a few people who brought waterproof cases for their phones though - I wish I had thought of that! But even so, I would be so scared incase I fall in while holding my phone.

Ok, and now, it's time for the close up photos. I'm going to full-size everything because THIS WAS REALLY FUN.

And you know, the whole thing was surprisingly slippery and unstable (yes, they mentioned the slippery part, but I didn't really believe them). I saw a few kids sliding on the walkways when I was waiting to go in, and... it really is that slippery. Quite a few people (including me) fell while walking, and I tried selling too - it was fun!

I fell in the ocean on my second obstacle. And then midway through, I heard something about jellyfish. I don't think anyone got hurt though - they did have this net-barrier, but they were afraid that something would slip through.

By the way, my arms are incredibly sore now (then again, I was panting after half an hour, so I shouldn't be surprised). I guess pulling myself out of the water multiple times strained the little muscles I have.

There were quite a few obstacles that required teamwork (like the one above), but luckily for me, everyone was really nice and quite a few people let me join them. So going alone wasn't as awkward as I feared.

And this is one of my two favourites:

Climb up, jump. Someone ahead of me climbed up then climbed down though. I guess she was staring at the drop for too long. I had a few butterflies, but I jumped before I thought too much about it.

And can you see the blue slide at the right corner of this photo?

Perhaps this photo is clearer. It's somewhat in the middle:

It's basically a slide, then you sort of have to jump/slide off (the slide ends before it hits the water, if I'm making sense). It's another "don't think too much" obstacle, and it was super fun. The other one of my top too.

The entire place was overseen by a lifeguard of sorts, who made sure that no one was injured, that the crowds were spread out pretty nicely, and let the staff on the waterpark know where they should be going next.

Ok, last two photos:

To fill up the space: I saw this little girl who really hated the water park. She was one of the few dry people, and she kept begging her dad to let her go up now :/ Poor girl. I think it would be scary for kids who aren't confident with their swimming skills (it's extremely slippery), so yeah, don't force people into this.

If you're in Nagasaki, you should definitely go here! It's 200 yen for people who have a "passport" (aka bought a ticket/hold the yearly pass), and 1000 yen for those without (this is in the free section of Huis ten Bosch).

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