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Saturday, 20 August 2016

My First Visit to USS!

Yesterday, I was asked to "babysit" my little brother and his friend on their trip to USS (Universal Studio Singapore). Since this opened shortly after I left for Japan, I haven't had the chance to go there yet. So yay! My first trip to USS!

obligatory photo
 I have to admit, "Hollywood" really reminds me of Disney's main street. I wonder if all theme parts work this way? I mean, Huis ten Bosch and Space World don't, but they aren't mega-movie studios so...

There were quite a few characters around! I saw Elmo, Marilyn, the Madagascar staff, a dinosaur, etc. But I didn't bother taking any photos with them. The only photo I took was this one:

Unfortunately, I can't really report on the rides because I didn't really get to go on the two that I wanted :p But I am basically the babysitter today, so I decided to just insist on "one ride per area" (because the bro basically came here for ONE ride). The rides were pretty fun, though. I mean, I've seen most of the concepts before, in Huis ten Bosch, Spaceworld and the like, but I like how they integrated the movie themes into it.

The park was beautiful too:

And I thought the mini ferris wheel in the Far Far Away store (I'm not too sure if I got the name correct) was cute:

And since I'm adding random facts, I might as well add that: if you've got a little sibling/kid who has the IA annual pass, they get a free ice-cream from the Gloria stand at Madagascar! So make sure to redeem it(:

The last thing that I want to say (because this isn't a comprehensive review) is that the park is surprisingly good for playing Pokemon Go! They have free wifi (which is a lifesaver for me) and tons of pokemon. I think I caught 5 new species that day, including everyone's favourite:

There are quite a lot of Pokestops too, though I ended with a net loss of pokeballs because I used all of them to unsuccessfully try and catch a Blastoise (I think that's the name? I haven't seen it in gyms much so...)

Oh, and I topped up my ticket, so now I have a six-month pass! I'll probably make one more trip before I go back to Japan, in order to ride The Mummy ride and the other roller coaster :D

Hope you're having a good weekend!

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