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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What I've Been Up To

Hey everyone! August is almost here and my holiday is half over. NOOOOOOO

I haven't been posting much because nothing much has happened. I've been eating, meeting friends and sleeping a lot (I seem to have come down with a cold, so being able to sleep in has been fantastic). I am going to the Hello Kitty Cafe soon though, so I might post about that when it's over. Oh, and I managed to visit both my alma maters, which was a fun experience (although I feel really old because I graduated so many years ago!)

In the meantime, I've gotten my hands on a lot more books! Harris has a sale, and there were a few tables of RM 5 books, which was awesome!

I managed to get 5, and I've read 2 so far. I've got some library books though, so those definitely take priority over these (since I can bring these home if I want to)

As for the school stuff, all my results save one have been given, and I haven't failed anything so far. Then again, the subject I worry about the most is the one that hasn't been graded yet so...

Anyway, I wanted to ask: does anyone have any topic that they'd like me to blog about? The holidays do last for another month, so I'm always open to suggestions.

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