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Saturday, 17 September 2016

ゼミ合宿 Day 1: Mojiko

Hey everyone! Sorry for being so absent this month - It's been rather hectic. After I came back to Japan, I immediately left for my zemi camp and came back only yesterday. So I have quite a lot of things to tell you guys, which is another way of saying: RELEASE THE KRAKEN POSTS.

Ok, that didn't make sense but I will be posting very often for the rest of this month.

First up, let me start with the most recent thing: this year's ゼミ合宿 (zemi gasshuku) or zemi camp. We went to Yamaguchi for 3 days.

On the first day, though, we actually spent most of our time in Mojiko, which you'll recognise as not-Yamaguchi. We gathered around 11, so by the time it was lunch, we were around Mojiko. Hence, stopping by for a bite of yaki-curry.

I found the shop to be really beautiful, from the shop front to the decor

And to the deer posing near the door:

I decided to get the 王様焼きカレーセット (King Yaki-curry set) with the fugu karaage. I didn't realise that this meant that I would be eating more fugu on this trip than I ever have in my whole life.

But I really liked this
The curry was actually a little too much for me and I couldn't finish it. It was good though (but a bit spicy, which means people with normal tastebuds will like it)

Not pictured: Banana tea (Mojiko loves its banana products). The tea was pretty good, though, since it wasn't overly sweet. In contrast, the dessert was very sweet:

pineapple cake, ice-cream and I think granola sprinkled on it
After a really filling lunch, sensei gave us an hour to just go walk around. We didn't really want to go too far, so we just stayed around the harbour area.

Blue wing bridge, which I don't remember crossing before:

And just before it was time to go back, I managed to see the bridge close!

I actually really like just walking about, because it's really chill here.

Plus it's so pretty!

I managed to refrain from buying omiyage, but I was like O.O at this display jar of sea urchin (though my kouhai says it's probably not real)

We arrived in Yamaguchi at night, so tomorrow, my post will be on Day 2 of the camp - Hagi and Akiyoshi cave.

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