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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

ゼミ合宿 Day 3: Karato Market and Shimonoseki Aquarium

Finally, the third (and last) day of my ゼミ合宿 recap! The last day is always a "travelling back" sort of day, so we only went to two places. Well, one location and two places.

Karato Market (唐戸市場)

Karato Market is famous for its fugu (I think?). At any rate, it was decided that this would be a good place for us to have lunch (and apparently, you can take a boat from Mojiko over here).

Anyway, this one section of the market was crowded, but we later found out that the stalls behind do sell crab soup and take home plates of fugu sashimi (among others), so do take a look there too!

Loooooook! Huge tuna!!!

They have sashimi-dons, but I decided to get some sushi instead.

My lunch! Sashimi and Fugu soup~

The fugu soup was delicious, and I love how the shoyu came in a fish bottle!

It was a great day too, really sunny. We ate with this view.

And I went back for round two - Toro and (don't kill me for it) whale bacon. Whale was...intersting. Very flavourful, although maybe that's because this is the bacon form?

By the way, the sushi here is probably comparable to the high-end sushi joints (because of how fresh it is), but the price is way cheaper. If you're looking for something cheap, though, you still can't beat sushiro.

We still had some time after lunch, so we walked around a little:

view from the top
And I love how even the vending machine is fugu-themed

These are edible, but I have no idea what their names are because I keep forgetting (my poor kouhai has told me quite a few times too)

RUN, little one, RUN!

No idea if it made it to freedom
Shimonoseki Aquarium

After lunch, we headed to the Shimonoseki Aquarium! Now, I have to admit that I have a real bias for the SEA Aquarium, being Singaporean and all that. Plus, SEA aquarium was the world's largest aquarium and has the most number of manta rays, so obviously I shouldn't be comparing the two.

So instead, here are the highlights from my trip:

1. Fish swimming in a circle!

2. Everyone being all excited

3. GLOWING JELLYFISH (the video is like 1 second long, just watch it)

4. The seal show

Although since I went to the zoo in SG (I don't think I've recapped that yet - it's on the list!) I was struck with the question: "aren't the tanks too small for three seals?" I do hope the seals have somewhere else that they can play more. Or perhaps the angle I viewed it made it look small.


(Why did all the boys just rush through without waiting?)

6. Cute penguins that like hot weather (I wonder what they do in winter?)

After the aquarium, we headed straight back to Fukuoka and that was the end of the trip. It was definitely fun, although I got such a bad sleep debt from it.

Ok, I remember that I was asked to do a blogpost on my third and fourth year (so far). Well, I was asked to compare Japan and Singapore, but I can't do that because I haven't been to a Singaporean uni yet, so yeah... my adaptation of the topic. That one's coming up next, then finishing recap, then I have a post on the Line Pay Card.

So, check back soon!

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