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Friday, 2 September 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe @ Changi Airport

This week has been my week of meetups. It's been incredibly fun (though tiring) to meet up with friends old and new, and there's been tons of good food and conversation. And because I have friends who are extremely good sports, one of the meetups took place at the Hello Kitty Airport, at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

The cafe is absolutely beautiful. It's also very feminine, which is why the two guys that arrived early found sitting in it alone rather awkward.

First though, a random picture of a snail that I saw on the way to the airport. 
 More pictures of the interior!

There was a little story on the wall!

The menu was pretty, but the descriptions are not very descriptive of the food. Expect around $20 for a dish, which isn't very cheap.

I don't really know what else to say, so on to the food!

This is strawberry marshmallow tea. I can taste the strawberries, but not the marshmallows
 Half of us didn't want to actually eat dinner. So only I and another friend actually ordered a main course. Mine was a stew with a puff pastry (it was really good too)

 And my other friend had Jamaican-style chicken. He says that it's really good too.

I actually passed him the camera (and phone) to take the photo, and this is what he took:

So now the whole world can see what I look like when at fancy restaurants :p In my defence, I did ask for permission to bring my DSLR, and my friends were helping me take the photos too (and I put it away once we started eating), so it's not like this took over my whole dinner.

Anyway, on to desserts! We ordered three :D

This was a pandan-mousse sort of thing, which I really liked.

 This one was called "Rose, Rose, I love you", which I remember because of the song. It was cake and ice-cream, and the peanut butter ice-cream was fantastic!

And this last one was a sort of mango cake. It's pretty much like the pandan one, but with mango.

I had this really great time. The food was good for a character cafe, and the company was amazing, so I had a lot of fun. Thanks for coming along, guys!

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