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Monday, 5 September 2016

天下小吃|Project Acai

Hello! I decided to come and share a little about the food I've been eating. Yes, I believe I have put on some weight. Anyway, I've been meeting people all of last week (like I mentioned), so I've been eating out a lot. So I've had the chance to eat:

天下小吃 (tian xia xiao chi)

I saw this muah chee stall on Facebook and instantly got a craving for it. Luckily, my mom is awesome and was willing to drive me there on one of the days that we had some time.

This stall is famous for their attention to detail, from the way each serving of muah chee is portioned out ahead of time

To the beautiful plates and boxes they use.

The boss is also extremely friendly, talking with the customers. I found out that he uses brown sugar in the coating because it's healthier. And also that muah chee is best eaten fresh (although it seems to taste just as good after some time!

He also gave me a piece to try on the spot. It was really yummy!

And here they are in their boxes. They have two flavours: "white" (aka brown) and "black". Both are good!

Last thing - Look at the sticks they provided! They even looked at that aspect!

The stall is at 79A Circuit Road Food Center, stall 106. I think they open till night, but the boss says that they tend to sell out around 7pm!

The next place that I went to eat was:

Project Acai

Confession: I had not eaten an Acai bowl until Project Acai (located at Holland Village). Ok, maybe I have, when I bought something like it at a conbini, but I think that was yogurt. It totally didn't taste like the acai bowl I had here. So, thanks to Bekah for suggesting this!

It tasted good, but it was really small! This was a large bowl (shared between the three of us) and it cost about $15! This acai berry puree must either be a super superfood or just very expensive to import.

I can't see myself making these for breakfast, though, because overnight oats are way easier to make. Maybe as a dessert, if I ever get a proper blender (I'd have to use my Yonanas for this, and it's not going to be pretty.

I also went to the library before this, so I took a book along and decided to grab a picture! According to Bekah, the picture will be fine "as long as there are no people in it".

There are no people in these pictures, so I guess they're a huge success!

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