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Monday, 26 September 2016

Singapore Recap II: Singapore Zoo

If you're an animal person, you definitely need to go to the Singapore Zoo. It's probably my favourite zoo so far, and like the SEA aquarium, more or less spoils the market for other zoos (I hear that the Sapporo zoo is really good though). Which is probably why I wasn't so enthusiastic about the Fukuoka Zoo.


Anyway, I'm talking about the Singapore Zoo

For some reason, the zoo wasn't very crowded, which may be because it was raining a little. Still, it meant that we got more interaction with the animals that I normally get, such as feeding the elephants:

It costs $5 for one basket (which was enough for the two of us)


We got pretty good seats to see the incredibly handsome sea lion at the Splash Safari show (although still too far for my camera, since we avoided the splash zone)

And we got to see an elephant paint:

By the way, it seemed to be baby season at the zoo, because we saw quite a few baby monkeys.

 Also, we managed to feed an ancient tortoise (turtle?). I can never tell the difference between the two.

This guy is 85 years old, and for some reason I was extremely entranced with the whole feeding a turtle thing.

And we watched The Rainforest Fights Back too (basically, we watched every single show that day)

And more feeding sessions - this time of goats that were headbutting each other.


(Just joking. Only two of the goats were fighting)

(you do not cross fighting goats though)

Even found a pokemon at a show!

The last show, which features cats and dogs that were rescued by the zoo, was aimed as kids but I thought it was pretty interesting.

If you do go to the zoo, do check the show timings once you get in, and plan your day around that. You can explore the areas near the shows before/after/on the way.

Oh, and if the fragile forest is open (it wasn't when we were there), you definitely have to go and take a look. I love the fragile forest, becuase you can get up and close with butterflies, sloths and other animals.

And if you have exceptional planning skills, you should definitely take the feeding times and animal photo shoots into account. We didn't really do that (most of the feedings we happened to stumble upon), but if you don't mind paying more to get up and close with the animals, you should definitely do it.

Oh, and the cafe outside the zoo has a pretty rainbow cake:

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