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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Singapore Recap III: Dad's Birthday

I actually have one more Singapore event (a fascinating exhibition called Christianity in Asia) that I want to share, but I do have other Japan stuff that I want to write about (and that I think you all will be more interested in), so this shall be the last Singapore recap for now.

A few days before I went back, we celebrated my dad's birthday! It was a milestone birthday, so we decided to make it a little bit special - after some searching, we found a company named M-Barq and decided to rent one of their yachts for the evening! We decided on the Ping Lady, which could hold up to 37 people.

This is where we set off for our journey!

And the Ping Lady! (Everyone misheard it as Pink lady, which meant that the white colour was a bit bit of a surprise :p)

The inside:

And outside (and while you can lie on the "trampolines", you can't jump on them):

There were two bedrooms and three bathrooms, but while we were are traipsing in and out of the bathrooms (which had showers attached), no one actually slept. I guess when you only have five hours on a boat, there's no point in lying on a bed.

(On a trampoline though, yes)

Started the ride with a worship and testimony session <3

Before docking near Lazarus island

If the M-Barq people ever see this (or if you're thinking of renting from them), then this is where I praise the crew! We had a really pleasant ride, and the food (half-buffet and half-BBQ) was pretty good too. The crew explained things well, and the amenities on board were more than enough. If you're looking for a yacht for rental, then I'd recommend them.

 When we docked at Lazarus island, the younger kids (who actually bothered bringing a change of clothes) jumped in. The water was fantastic - not too cold and not warm, and they were kayaks and fishing rods too (though my sister used a different fishing method)

Oh, and the life jackets and life buoys were from the boat too.

We spent about an hour or two just relaxing and having fun. All the adults seemed to have a good time soaking in the sun and chatting.

And then, it was time to eat!

 After we had eaten, the sun had set and we went for a cruise around Singapore!


And look, MBS and the Flyer!!

And I have no idea if you can see this, but this is a port

We ended by cruising to Sentosa and saw this really short fireworks display. It wasn't National Day levels of impressive, but the boat ride there was fun. Nearly everyone was outside, just sitting down and enjoying the ocean breeze.

All in all, we spent 5 hours on the boat (which was the minimum rental time) and really enjoyed ourselves.

Then I headed back to Japan for my zemi gasshuku and you know how that went.

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