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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Huis ten Bosch Part 2

Hello! Back with Part 2.

While we were at the wine festival, they had a bingo game! So two of us bought cards, since we were sitting there (and there were prizes to be won)

Not the winning card
Since there are five prizes, they gave them out randomly. The prizes were labelled A-E, and everyone chose one bottle. The letter at the bottom of the bottle is the prize you win.

 So... guess what we got for dinner?

Prize - everything but the garlic bread
 We also took a break from all the wine to look at the flowers!

My ticket doesn't give me entry to the Palace Huis ten Bosch, so I spent most of my time in the little market leading up to it!

I've already seen the gardens inside, so it wasn't much of a loss. Plus, there were gardens outside! This one is by someone who has a very similar Chinese name as me!

And for a minute, I thought I found the seven-league boots, but it turns out they were just huge pots.

The last thing I want to share would be the illuminations! I probably share these every year, but I really do love the photos.

Especially the difference between day and night! Umbrella street is pretty all the time, if you ask me

Do you dare test your drumming skills in front of the world?

Ok, this is really just a picture spam, but at least it's a pretty pictures spam. And for some reason, my brain is absolutely kaput after one driving practical lesson, one theory lesson and a few hours of accounting. So I shall leave you to the photos(:

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