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Sunday, 30 October 2016

IKEA Salmon Fair

Yesterday, I went to IKEA with Yiyin for their salmon fair! They're having a course menu that lasts until next week, and if you're an IKEA family member, you can save about 500 yen! And while the four dishes are for one person, we found that it was more than enough for two (or maybe we just have really small appetites).

Photo spot to get you excited. 
 The "course" consists of an appetiser, a main dish, a soup (salmon and potato) and a dessert (custard taiyaki with chocolate mousse and jam).

There are two types of appetisers and two types of main dishes, but if you plan to get everything as a set, there are only two choices - Set A or Set B (at least in the Fukuoka store)

The food was really good and extremely filling. We were bursting by the time we were done, and we still had more food to eat! So while we're at it, let's take the time to appreciate how beautifully the meatballs are arranged.

We also took another dessert, because we vastly overestimated our appetites. This is a caramel-toffee cake, but it had a fairly strong taste of coffee for me, so it wasn't really my favourite. I liked the other dessert a lot better.

If you're in Japan and near an IKEA, you should definitely go for this!

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