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Monday, 7 November 2016

Saga International Balloon Fiesta Recap: Day 1

(Warning: This is the day with the worst photos)

Technically, this is Day 6 of the Saga International Balloon Feista (SIBF), but it's the first day for me. I started off by being late, because the meeting time was 6:10 but I only got on the bus at 6:30. So image my excitement when I realised that I COULD SEE HOT AIR BALLOONS FROM THE TRAIN (first time!)

And then I got lost.

In my defence, I've never walked from the station to the container before. I normally arrive at the other end, from the carpark.

So I sort of took a wild guess.

Luckily, my guess was right.

And I found my classmates hard at work.

Apart from these two photos, I more or less missed the morning competition.

Luckily for me, there was still the Balloon Fantasia, so enjoy the photos I took from there! I focused mainly on the smaller balloons in the front that day, because I found the tiny balloon pilot really adorable!

Oh wait, I did take a photo of the bigger balloons - here's Snow White waking up.

The most interesting part of the day was probably the fact that we got a bomb threat on one of the livestreams we operate.

Basically, the message was "there's a bomb on the premises and it's going to explode at 2pm." We couldn't ignore that, even if it was just a terrible and tasteless joke (which it was - the police just caught the person responsible and it's a 13 year old kid). So everyone had to evacuate.

Police searched the premises and nothing was found, but thanks to the delay, the afternoon competition had to be cancelled (the winds had shifted by then and it was too dangerous to launch the hot air balloons)

And that was my first day volunteering. Extremely eventful and impacted every other day after. I'm still pretty tired, so I'll end here and continue tomorrow.

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