Thursday, 10 November 2016

Saga International Balloon Fiesta Recap: Day 3

Day 3 has some of my favourite morning photos, and some of the funniest photos of the entire trip. I suppose since it was the mid-point in my volunteering stint, it would be the best part.

Morning Competition

The sunrise for the third day was THE BEST. The panoramas I took actually turned out pretty well (I think)

And I hope this photo conveys what it was like walking around as the balloons took off. It felt a little like what I imagine Alice might have felt in Wonderland (when she was tiny)

And this was the day I learnt where going with silhouettes instead of trying to get everything in colour may be a better choice.

But, this year's reflection photos aren't as good as last year's.

Hope you enjoyed these photos!

Scarecrow Fair

And today was also the day where I managed to persuade my classmates to go to the scarecrow fair with me. While it isn't officially sanctioned/run by the organisers, it's right next to the bus stop and station. Plus, it's hilarious!

I mean, these were among the first scarecrows that we saw:

It's Abe and Trump, if you couldn't recognise them. And it's a lot tamer than last year's. 
 But don't worry, it's not all political. Most of the scarecrows were based on popular culture.

I love that there are two versions of the scarecrow from Howl's Moving Castle. Both of them are really well done too!

I think the yellow thing is Pikachu?

And um, this is Hillary and Trump. See if you can tell which is which.

Godzilla and his tiny arms.


After we took a look at the scarecrows and laughed our heads off, we went to the food area where I found the cutest chocolate bananas ever!

I had to buy one after looking at them.

He even has a tail!!

Plus I won an extra banana, which I ended up giving away.

And I would be posting photos of the afternoon competition, but I had a headache and only managed to grab this from the container window:

Luckily for the balloon, he didn't touch the ground so there wasn't a point deduction.

I wonder if you all are enjoying the photos? Because I have two more days, but I'm not sure if I'm being annoying or if you enjoy these photos.

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