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Monday, 14 November 2016

Saga International Balloon Fiesta Recap: Day 4

I'm back with the recap! This day was the day where I experimented with taking time lapse videos and videos in general, so I may have even more photos than normal (I probably have more than enough photos of Hot Air Balloons).

Morning Competition

The morning had the most dramatic sunrise, but it didn't seem that way at first. I do like how the second panorama turned out though!

And a video!

I don't know why but I feel happy when I manage to get a shot with the burners on.

See how all the balloons are facing the same direction? The chief told us today that this is one of the ways we can figure out the wind is blowing. The teams will set up the balloons so that when they inflate, they don't go against the wind and make things difficult for themselves. (Inflation starts with a huge fan and ends with a flame)

And the dramatic sunrise shots!

Because the weather was really good, we managed to have a task called "minimum distance". It's only possible when you have two quiet winds that are blowing in the opposite direction (i.e. the lower wind goes one way and the higher wind goes the other). What this means is that the balloons will come back to the launch area!

Apparently, it's been 19 years since they've been able to hold it.

Skydiving + Ice-cream

There was a skydiving performance by the red bull team before the afternoon competition!

Do you know how hard it is to track a helicopter when it's flying in the area with the sun?

And everyone looked really tiny.

After straining my eyes, I went to get ice-cream! I wanted to try the Turkish ice-cream, which really is elastic but tastes a little strange. The flavour isn't as strong as I would like, but that's just me.

And we got more ice-cream too! This is a black mont blanc and it's really good!

Afternoon Competition

The videos here are all time lapse videos! I didn't have a tripod so they're not very long, but enjoy!

And a shot of the crowds.

Night Balloons 

There's a long, really complicated name for it, but I have no idea how to spell it in English. So I'm going to call it the "night balloons". The winds on this day were fabulous and we managed to have the full version (aka the balloons were inflated!)

There were fireworks at the end, but since I couldn't take a good shot (not that my night photos are fantastic), here's a video!

The next post will mark the end of the recap. Hopefully I remember what has happened between getting back and now :p

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