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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Exploring Itoshima (Part 2)

Ok, I'm back with the second part about my trip to Itoshima. In the previous post, I stopped after our visit to the salt factory. So after we had our fill of the ocean view and salt pudding, we decided to head towards Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩). Finding this on Google Map's was a little bit complicated because there's a much more famous Meoto Iwa in Ise. But if you search for 桜井二見ヶ浦の夫婦岩 (sakurai futamigaura no meoto iwa), you'll be able to find it. There's a public car park just next to it, so parking isn't a worry)

And of course there's an obstacle. Luckily there's a spot where it's rather narrow and easier to jump over. 

It's really just a torii in front of two rocks, but if you're looking for a day at the beach, it's not a bad place. I saw shower areas near the restaurant opposite (next to the carpark)

賑やかな春 (Nigiyaka na Haru)

We were actually aiming to go to this shop that we heard sells interesting stuff next, but we passed by Nigiyaka na Haru and decided to take a look!

It basically sells organic food (and there's a BBQ place, plus a bakery nearby), and we did buy a few things, but the real reason we stopped was because of this:

The animals. It wasn't really a farm, but we thought it would be interesting to take a look.


Our last stop was Dover, a shop/art studio run in an old miso factory. The artist is American and I think we spotted him painting in the back.

This definitely had a very hipster vibe. The things were lovely though - pity they were all really expensive!

Artist at work
 But I really do adore how they decorated the place. Totally feels like shabby chic, with the fake autumn leaves everywhere.

Also, whoever created this jar has the right idea of the amount of chocolate that one needs to have in the house.

That basically marks the end of our trip. We decide to drive back to Fukuoka city for dinner, since my brother wanted sushi and I needed to pick something up from school. It was definitely very fun, and I'm glad that my mother finally got to go to Itoshima!

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