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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Wagashi Class + Line Cafe

Here's a food-filled post (because I've been strangely unmotivated to blog lately). Last week, I went for my second wagashi class! This is what we made:

The flowers are 水仙 (suisen), and the white thing is 花びら餅 (hanabira mochi). Both are new year sweets, or so I was told.

My flowers aren't very good though - they're pretty lopsided. Which is why I didn't put them both front and center.

The 花びら餅 is filled with misoan, which is basically anko paste + miso, so it's a little salty. The filling for the 水仙 is anko + plum, so it's a little bit sour. In other words, it's not extremely sweet.

And since I'm talking about food, I finally went back to the LINE cafe to try their food! Well, I was there as part of a class thing, but we had some free time so I had a little snack:

This matcha latte was absolutely fantastic! I totally adored it, and I wish the bottle was bigger. Too bad it's pretty pricey, at about 400 yen for one.

The chocolate cake, on the other hand, was meh. The cream itself was pretty nice, but the cake was really dry. I actually prefer the Lawson cake, and that is definitely cheaper than this. (I think most of the markup comes from the little cardboard bird anyway).

I did have my inzemi today, so as soon as I get enough sleep, I will come back and try to blog more. I definitely have my Itoshima trip to post, so there's at least two posts that I want to share(:

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