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Monday, 12 December 2016

Yusentei Garden (友泉亭)

Because my mom and brother are here, I've been going out a little bit more than normal. So one day, we managed to go to Yusentei - a garden located somewhere in Fukuoka. We knew about it because the tourism portal kept recommending it, but getting there was pretty difficult. There are no close trains (not within a 10min walking distance), so we had to take a bus. But after getting a little lost, we finally managed to arrive at the Yusentei:

Once we stepped through the gate, we were greeted by one lovely red tree, which boded well for our momiji hunt!

And of course, I'll never miss a chance to try and take closeups of the momiji.

We even saw a couple getting their wedding photos taken!

Near the entrance were a bunch of potted plants with tiny figurines! I saw Doraemon:

A tiny football match (unfortunately all the players were injured due to falling leaves):

And even a dinosaur island!

Yusentei garden was simply breathtaking! You're not going to want to read me blather away when you can just look at photos.

I really liked the little tea house, but I didn't get the chance to go in.

The best part of the garden is clearly the lake. There's absolutely no contest about it.

And for some reason, I was oddly fascinated by the leaves on the ground.

If you climb to the little resting hut, you'll be treated to the best view in the entire place. I absolutely loved it, and like my brother said - it's a really peaceful garden!

I'm also a big fan of light shining through the leaves because it looks like little jewels to me.

By the way, there's a bigger tea house in the garden that serves a matcha + sweet set for 300 yen. And you can feed the koi for 100 yen per packet of food. It's a great way to end the visit (do be careful of the bus timings though).

I'm not too sure what the sweet is, but it's for the transition to winter! Hence the little snowflake jelly at the side. And they folded cute little origami too - mine was a turtle and my mom's was a flower.

After we went to the garden, we decided to go to Yanagibashi market! My mom heard about this stall selling great meals within, so we figured that it would be nice to have lunch here.

Of course, we didn't plan on missing the food stall three times! It's basically a store, not a specially marked food area, so you really have to be careful when you're walking through the market.

 The food is very worth it. I got the B set, which is 5 types of sashimi on a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup and a piece of fried fish. All this for 900 yen, and it was delicious! The portions were quite big too - I couldn't quite finish the rice :p

They have tempura sets, regular sushi, tuna rice bowls and quite a lot of other things, so if you're in the area (the closest station is Watanabedori on the Nanakuma line), you should drop by for lunch.

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