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Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Year Buys

So this has been a very, very quiet week, as expected. Good for me, because I've made progress on my graduation paper, but I guess a little boring for you. And to break up the monotony for me as well, I thought I'd share about the things that I bought during the New Year sale!

Lucky Bags

1. Gindako

This one contained about 7 vouchers for a free plate of takoyaki (so about 4550 yen's worth if we average 650 a plate), 12 100 yen coupons (1200), 3 stamps for members (don't know worth) and a box of octopus rice mix (also don't know worth). So total worth is about 7000yen, I think?

2. Sanrio

Sadly, both the Ghibli and Baskin Robins fukubukuro (the ones I originally wanted to get) were sold out, so I ended up getting the Sanrio one (3240 yen). What can I say? I saw the pyjamas and they look pretty comfy and I've been wanting more pyjamas to wear around the house! Plus, it comes with a small tote, which will probably come in handy.

3. Tutuanna

On Jan 2, I went to Tenjin and saw the Tutuanna fukubukuro, which was only 1000 yen!!

And this is what's inside. I can definitely use most of these - I think there are two pairs of room socks plus more tights (though I'll probably only wear black) and the low socks for heels? Not sure what I'm gonna do about the high socks though, since it's not my thing.

4. Accessories

And opposite Tutuanna was this accessory shop! The 1080 bag has 10,000 yen worth of accessories and the 540 yen bag has 5000 yen worth of accessories (or so they say).

I got the 540 yen bag because I was told there was more variety. And this was what it contained:

Sale: BookOff

After I *ahem* succumbed to the fukubukuros, I went to BookOff and discovered they were having a sale!!

Only 20% off, to be sure, but for some reason that turned a switch in my mind and I bought like 2200 yen worth of books.

Two humour comics/short sections on what it means to be British (not sure if they're accurate but they were funny), two Agatha Christie books (there were so many today! Got one short story collection - which I just finished and enjoyed - and one Poirot that I highly doubt I've read before) and one book on food.

I actually put down a book on Book Collecting. Somehow, I wasn't in the mood for that.

And that's more or less the shopping that I did over the new year! Now, I'll have to be more careful with my spending, so that I don't end up spending more than my allowance for the month :p (Although I have been quite good compared to previous years)

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