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Friday, 24 February 2017

Starbuck's Sakura Drink

Hey everyone! Guess who just moved and finally got wifi? (if you guessed "Eustacia", you're right, so have a round of internet applause)

I have so much to blog about - about the whole moving experience, about my new place, about my thoughts on the Karlie Kloss thing (I know, I'm late to that), but today, I want to talk about Starbucks and their yearly line of sakura drinks! I totally missed it last year, and when I saw a Starbucks on the way to city hall, I decided that I had to get myself a drink on the way home.

The store had a really cute board with places that have sakura trees, so I snapped a picture for reference later:

When I got my drink, I immediately took a picture in front of the black board, but I must have done something wrong because you can still see the counter.

Anyway, I got the sakura frappuccino, the sakura chiffon cake, and the chocolate pudding! I guess only the first two are sakura-themed, but I heard lots of good things about their pudding and I didn't get to try it in Dazaifu so I just couldn't resist getting a cup.

Everything was very neatly put in a pink bag. I haven't gotten takeaway from Starbucks before, but this is very pretty!

I waited until I was in the train before I started drinking this, so it was a little melted, but THE DRINK WAS SO GOOD. It was sweet but not too sweet (I liked the cookie drink and I do hope it comes back, but I had to drink water while drinking it because it was just too rich) and I finished half the cup before I realised what was going on.

And I saw this on the cup!

I didn't really notice it - I mean, I saw the staff as he wrote on the cup, but I just assumed that it was my order. It was a really nice touch.

Now on to the food:

The sakura chiffon cake was light, and the cream went very well with the cake, but I was reminded of why I don't like sakura tea that much. The sakura on top was basically a sakura petal picked in salt and that wasn't to my taste. The cream around the petal was salty too, and I thought it threw off the cake.

Next, the pudding which came in a really cute cup!

The pudding was very, very firm and very, very chocolaty. It's a fairly small cup, but I actually had enough about halfway through (and no, I did not eat the pudding and cake together) and ended up returning it to the fridge to be eaten another day. It was really good, though, and I would totally get it again (first, I'll get the other flavour).

If you're in Japan right now, you need to get the sakura-themed things. They're really delicious and like the sakura, only here for a brief period of time.

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