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Saturday, 4 March 2017

My New Apartment!

In my usual topsy-turvy fashion, I'll be sharing photos of my new place before I share about how I moved and all that. Mostly because I already have the photos ready while all I have for the other post is a list of things that I did before and after I moved (also, if you have any questions about how I moved, now would be a good time to ask).

I don't think I've told anyone yet, but I've moved into a bigger place. My new apartment has two rooms, though I'm really just living in one room:

The panorama makes it look bigger than it is. 
And the before picture:

This is my bedroom for two reasons: the fact that the closet is here and the window sill.

I suppose I could have done something more with it but I basically put some of my favourite books (and Totoro) there, so I'll always have reading material on hand.

And the rest of the room:

The cabinet, rack and kotatsu are all new but they've proved to be invaluable. Especially the kotatsu - I'm starting to wonder how I lasted five years without it!

(Also, eating ice-cream under the kotatsu is really shiok)

The other room is the room with the aircon and access to the balcony, where my clothes are hung. This is the room when I moved in:

And now, the wall on the left looks like this:

I have to use headphones with my piano though, that was the condition that was set before I moved in.

And the window now has curtains!

The last part of the house is the kitchen area and that is probably the part that still needs work. It looked like this when I moved in:

And it pretty much looks the same, except for the fact that there is one more cabinet and I placed my stove, fridge and microwave there.

I really want to get a gas stove (and a new microwave that has a toaster oven fuction) but for now, I am most proud of this cabinet.

It took me three hours to build and my back was aching by the time I was done (I guess this means I'm old?) But it hasn't fallen down so far so I guess I managed to do everything correctly.

And out of the whole cabinet, my favourite area would be this area:

This is where all the tea is and I'm already out of space. I'm trying to drink them as fast as possible, but I like to get two or three cups of tea from one tea bag so it's pretty slow going. Hopefully the rate at which I drink will greater than the rate at which I drink even more tea.

And speaking of tea, this is what I made this morning (If you follow me on Google+ you'd have already seen it):

Thank you Elvirayunitan for this! And thank you for reading both my blog and Dayre! I can't say this enough - I really enjoyed this and I think it's extremely pretty to look at(:

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