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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Huis ten Bosch Updates: Miffy Cafe, Amazing Cheese Fondue and More!

Since I've started working at Huis ten Bosch, I've gotten a lot of chances (well, it's less of a chance and more of a requirement) to learn about the latest things related to it. I've also had the immense luck of having two groups of friends visit, so I've been exploring the park quite a bit. This means that I've got A LOT to share which means... UPDATE TIME!

(I think I'm going to sound like some kind of mouthpiece, but I promise that I'm only sharing things that I really enjoyed and I do not in any way earn money by writing this. Well, if you decide to come you will be contributing to my salary and I'm deeply grateful for that, but nope, no direct benefit from this)

Palace Huis ten Bosch: Flower Cup Japan 

The tulip season is over, but Palace Huis ten Bosch is having the Flower Japan Cup and some kind of magic painting thing. Both are absolutely beautiful and I would totally recommend everyone to go.

First, the painting thing. Basically, they have paintings that change colour depending on the type of light that is shone on it.

I really liked this painting of the word love (in kanji), written with the hiragana for "thank you". It's a really beautiful sentiment:

Last photo, which reminded me of a Japanese fairy tale for some reason:

All the paintings are for sale but it's not something that I can afford :p

The flower thing is another exhibition filled with pieces of art! Whatever I say won't do it justice so here are some pictures of it:

Ok this isn't an entry but it's sooooo pretty! 

Photo by the lovely Bekah. Thank you Nic and Bekah for coming to play!

Also not an entry but it's so pretty! I would love to have something like this in my house!
And because the palace is all about flowers, they even give you a chance to eat some! All the tulips are grown by us and they contain absolutely no pesticides and are safe to eat. They come with sauce - Bekah chose honey and they gave some salt as well.

According to Bekah, the petals taste like lettuce while the stem is a bit more juicy. I guess it's good for those who like vegetables?

VR Rides

This isn't a new thing, since it started in March, but I finally went on some of the VR rides (can it be counted as a ride?). The first attraction is this VR carousel:

Basically, you have the VR headset on while you're on the carousel and it makes you feel like you're going around the world with a dragon for a companion. The ride is free for those with the one day passports/yearly passports but you will have to buy a mask:

The mask is 50 yen but you can use it for all VR stuff. It is a bit spooky to see everyone with the headsets on, but it was SO FUN. Too bad I can't take photos :p


I've been wanting to try this since I saw it and Bekah and Nic were very accomadating and agreed to eat it with me. The Cheesewaag does have fondue on a regular basis, but this one is for the 25th anniversary of Huis ten Bosch and has a lot of ingredients:

We ordered two portions and it was enough for the three of us. Then again, we basically ate through the day because Huis ten Bosch is giving away free cups of Ben and Jerry's right now. The cheese was amazing though (although I couldn't finish...)

Loved all this! Especially the cheese with salmon (I think?) and basil! That was really good!

Miffy (Nijntje) Cafe

Ok, this is the last thing on the list (I think? I will update again if I missed anything!) is also the newest thing. Huis ten Bosched opened a Miffy cafe on the 28th, which is only 2 days ago!!!! I got to go for the dry run woohoo!

This could probably be a post in and of itself, but I have no idea when I will be blogging again (I'm trying to be more consistent but work is tiring) so here you go:


It's located on the second floor of Passage if you're interested! The interior is really adorable but not overly so. I think both adults and kids will like it. 

First thing we did was to order. The menu doesn't use wheat, eggs or dairy products, if I remember correctly, so even those with allergies can enjoy the food here(:

More photos of the interior:

This is so Huis ten Bosch!
 And of course there are things for kids(:

This is a drink that comes with the curry set! It comes with a little Miffy toy!

And this is how Miffy originally appeared.

The curry set. It's not spicy at all, which is good for me(:

And this was our table companion - kinda like Moomin!

And this was what I ordered (I didn't get the curry). I got pancakes with soy milk ice-cream, which was actually really good.

 And this is the drink that my set had:

Taste-wise, the food is decent but not exceptional. Then again, the Moomin cafe at Canal City is the gold standard for me and it's hard to beat that. If you like Miffy, I think you will be happy with the food and the decoration, and the price is pretty reasonable considering that it's a character cafe.

And this is all that's happening with Huis ten Bosch. Do feel free to ask me questions if you have any(:

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