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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sakura 2017: Mifuneyama Rakuen

Sakura season was a little late this year, but it's finally here (and by the time I'm writing this, almost over). Luckily for me, I had friends visiting so on my off day, I was out bringing them around instead of staying in my apartment and trying to become comatose. We ended up visiting Mifuneyama Rakuen and I managed to get quite a lot of sakura pictures!

If you remember, I visited the place last year and missed the peak season (it was still really pretty though). This time, I was too early for those colourful bushes, but just in time for sakura which made me really happy. In other words, be prepared to be spammed with photos!

Obligatory entrance shop

By the way, I drove here this time and it's definitely a lot more convenient than taking the train + bus. Parking was no problem, although I'm guessing that it's because this wasn't peak season?

And I remembered to bring my camera so I managed to get some close up shots of the flowers!

It wasn't exactly full bloom, as you can see from these photos, but there were enough to make us happy.

By the way, I totally succumbed to this blueberry black sugar thing and bought a box. I was told that I could just eat this like a sweet, but I was wondering if there are any recipes out there? Does anyone know anything? Please point me in the right direction!

If only sakura season and the flowers were at the same time. But I guess this means that the park gets a steady stream of visitors instead of everyone thronging one place.

I realise these shots are the same but with a different orientation but I couldn't choose which to use.

I also really like seeing the sakura flowers in the different stages of bloom!

When I see a pretty path of flowers, I have to take a picture. And since I was with friends, I decided to try and take their pictures! (Don't worry, I got permission to post this - thanks so much for visiting, Van!!)

We also found this little shrine, which gave me Ghibli vibes for some reason. It was quite different from the cheery sakura but also beautiful.

Photos from the viewing point, high above the sakura trees.

This photo is why you have to be there in person. I tried to take a panorama but obviously did not succeed.

We ended our visit with a cup of green tea and some dango! They had mitarashi dango and kinako dango and both were really delicious! This and all the snacks around meant that we were basically eating for the whole trip :p 

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