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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Aerial Legends - Game Based on Huis ten Bosch!

Ok, so two days ago (or maybe three days), Huis ten Bosch released its first smartphone game! It's a role-playing game that was co-developed with GoodLuck3 and it's called Aerial Legends!!

If you take a look at the world of the game, it looks extremely similar to Huis ten Bosch! The most obvious one in this screenshot is the place that looks like Palace Huis ten Bosch, all the way on the left side. (Ok, I just realised it could be interpreted as being based on Holland as well, but it's supposed to be Huis ten Bosch)

The Huis ten Bosch mascots "Tully" and "Kyukons" also make an appearance! Tully is in charge of cultivating the tulips and Kyukons is in charge of mining for jewels. Both characters can be found in the 城下町 (jyoukamachi - castle town) and the tulips and jewels that the player gets from them is basically the basis of trade (you get them and trade for other things which you trade for other things/use to upgrade your characters).

Story-wise, you're a guard who has lost your memories. And I think the country is under attack too and you have to save it. I'm not too sure about anything other than that because I didn't really intend to play and skipped past the initial story and now I'm quite lost.

The gameplay is pretty simple (and addictive for me because I'm like "one mission" and then I end up playing for an hour). You're giving missions, which are basically battles with different types of monsters.

There are also mission goals, which help you get some kind of bookmark thing that you can use to get more characters/unlock spots in your party.

The characters that I mentioned just now are what makes up your party. You can prepare 6 different parties, consisting of players with different roles (mages, shields, the sword thing - obviously I'm not a gamer - archers and one special one that I don't really get) and different elements. The monsters are susceptible to certain elements as well so it's a good idea to have a range of players in your party.

The actual battle is basically a lot of tapping. You tap/press and hold to charge the bar at the bottom (it's at 5/27 in this screenshot) and when you have enough power, you can summon a character. Some characters have special skills, and you need a certain number of symbols (there's one in the bar in the screenshot) to activate it. The game is won when you defeat the boss and the game is lost when your ship (the big brown thing) loses all its hp. You can upgrade your boat through various missions. You can upgrade your players if you can get the required items + coins.

Oh, and you can get one "guest" to help you with the missions. That's actually pretty useful.

Last thing: player levels are called "Guard Rank (GR)" here. Certain missions are only available to players of a certain GR, but since GR is determined by how many missions you finish, it shouldn't be a problem.

The game is (unfortunately) only available in Japanese right now, but if you download it, you do get a starter pack. I'm not sure how long the offer lasts, so if you're interested in playing you should just grab the app now. It's free so you don't have anything to lose.

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