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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mifuneyama Rakuen with Totoro and Friends

I meant to have this post up during Golden Week but I ended up being so drained that I only got around to writing it today. But Mifuneyamarakuen is seriously way too beautiful!

But before I get to Mifuneyama rakuen, I just want to say that anyone who has not tried Starbuck's American Cherry Pie Frappucino should really go try it:

This version has the mocha syrup replaced with chocolate so it's brown and not white but it's SO GOOD. I really should have gotten the Starbucks sakura card (what are you thinking, Eustacia? You can't keep spending money on Starbucks!)

And if you're wondering about the toys, Totoro and his friends, the egg birds accompanied me, Bekah and Nic around the whole day.

Yes, we are over twenty.

Yes, I know it's hard to believe.

Anyway, if you remember my previous posts, my first visit to Mifuneyamarakuen wasn't very successful. My second was way better because it was sakura season and this third visit was right during the peak season so I was ecstatic at finally being there at the right time (and Totoro was happy to have a day out with friends).

The place was crowded enough that we had to go to a car park so far away that we had to take a shuttle bus to the park. The bus came pretty quickly, though, so absolutely no complaints from anyone.

There were some wisteria plants at the entrance and I was sort of hopeful that we could see wisteria too but it turns out that we were too early.


Isn't it beautiful? I'm so, so glad that I came because it was better than what I expected!

Totoro totally loved it too.

This looks almost identical to the first shot but it's really from a different angle. Basically, you can walk among those giant bushes and this was taken at the start.

A group picture! The paper is the map of the place which we used because we didn't want to get Totoro or the egg birds dirty.

The bushes were actually really huge. I think they were taller than me at times! (I am short but the point still stands!)

This little bird immediately tried to camouflage himself.

Unfortunately, we did not see any blue flowers. 

Totoro... is really bad at all this stealth stuff (then again, he managed to hide from everyone but two little girls)

And this is really what happens "behind the scenes". Poor Nic basically has to crouch and it's a really good thing she's a gymnast.

This would be one of the paths we walked along.

My pretty friend Bekah(:

And a close-up of one of the flowers.

And this is the view from the top! It's pretty, but I think the view from the bottom is better, since you can see the mountain thing as well.

And by the way, the viewing deck that provided an amazing view of the sakura doesn't really let you see much now. If you're visiting, you don't have to go there (but there is a nice view of the surrounding areas so it's not like going there will make you rage with disappointment. Just don't expect awesome views of the Tsutsuji flowers.

This was such a fun day and I'm so glad that Nic and Bekah were here for a visit. Thank you so much, you two! If you two didn't come, I might not have visited this place and I would have missed out on such a beautiful sight!!

Last photo of one of the few wisteria that we saw. I did want to go to Kawachifujien this year, but Golden Week was insane and the place is now so popular you have to buy tickets in advance so I didn't even try :p

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