Sunday, 23 July 2017

Fireworks + MEXT book maybe?

Hey everyone.

Nothing much has been going on (besides work) which is why the blog has been really quiet. There were fireworks yesterday, though, and I managed to snap some photos as I was leaving work!

Ok, I know I said photos but I used the burst function so Google turned them into gifs for me. (On a side note, it is so much easier to get google to make animations compared to when the function was first introduced and I am so thankful for that! )

Basically, the tower is going to be in every single shot :p

Anyway, since I graduated in March, my MEXT journey has come to an end. So I was thinking of grabbing all the MEXT related posts and turning them into a free ebook for reference? I'm just not sure of how useful it'd be because some of the information will be as old as 5 years old (makes me feel old too).

So let me know if you think it'd be helpful? I'm in two minds about this so outside opinions will be helpful.